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Advanced Power & Lighting Ltd is an award winning proven turnkey provider of advanced lighting and control solutions for retail, commercial and industrial buildings and infrastructure both in the UK and overseas.

Most projects are turnkey retrofit lighting solutions or supply only for new builds working direct for the building owner, tenant, main contractor or an FM company. Typically a lighting retrofit project ROI is less than 3 years and it’s the one area in a building where substantial carbon savings can be made. All products meet with the ECA criteria with funding options and insurance backed policies available to guarantee energy and cash savings.

Please see our Case Study page to see how we have helped:

Consultancy  +  Supply  +  Design  +  Install  +  Operate  +  Maintain  +  Finance  = Cash & Carbon SavingsTM

Our “Bright” range of solutions integrates renewable power, daylight management with energy efficient lighting and controls for specific market sectors including:

+  StoreBright® for retail

+  ParkBright® for car parks

+  HealthBright® for hospitals

+  WorkBright® for warehouses, stores and industrial buildings

+  SchoolBright® for educational facilities

+  HotelBright® for hotels and conference centres

+  MarineBright® for marinas and docks

+  OfficeBright® for commercial buildings


Renewable energy is obviously very topical but despite the political and planning issues it is the future. APL focuses on commercial roof top installations that can be integrated with lighting solutions for the optimum carbon savings.



APL imports class leading LED lights from global proven suppliers backed by our Hong Kong office who provide quality checking and logistic support. More than 300,000 LED lights have been supplied and installed since 2011,
including 10 of the UK’s busiest shopping centres, 30 Tesco China Stores, 25 Viridor recycling centres, hospitals, schools and universities.


What We DoManagement of: Energy, Sustainable Power Supplies, Internal, External & Maintenance Lighting, Building Services and Electrical Installations.Products & Technologies: Solar Systems for Building Power & Hot Water, LED Lights for Buildings, Warehouses, Externals & Street Lights, Plants and Illuminated Signs.Projects Undertaken: New Installations, Energy Efficiency Schemes, Building Refurbishment, Sustainable Power Projects and Fixed Wiring Tests.Clients Include: Local Authorities, Government Organisations, Utilities, Transport Companies, Industry, Commercial & Private.



The lights shone on our client Intu Properties plc when they won the prestigious Lux Award for Client of the Year 2013. Intu have invested millions of pounds in APL for LED lighting retrofits – the more they spend the more they save!


From initial enquiry and survey through to a tailored design, installation and support service, APL are here to help you manage your change to a modern lighting solution with energy cost savings and carbon footprint reductions. We achieve our customer’s cost and environmental targets, with a typical project process including:


Site Survey – Review of existing lighting fittings and systems


LED Investment Model – Financial payback model with control options


Environmental Targets – Advice on energy, CO2 savings, recycling and waste reduction


Lighting Design – Provide solutions based on light type, colour and arrangement


Product Supply – Whether lamp or fitting, we have a vast range with a bespoke service available


Advanced Controls – Daylight and motion detection combined with DALI, DSI and NXP dimming and timers conserves energy and offers occupancy data for improved management


MES integration – Interface protocols available for BMS or other site equipment interface


Installation Service – We offer full lamp and / or fitting replacement service


Maintenance – Can be as part of coordinated response or as scheduled replacement


Funding – Capital funding packages available for projects, products or life cycle are all available



There are many suppliers providing LED lighting from all parts of the globe. A quick check list from our experience is:


1. Ensure before and after light levels are recorded, particularly where a health and safety incident could occur


2. If lighting levels are reduced, then ensure these meet the minimum legislative requirements for the application


3. We recommend that small trials are always undertaken


4. Are the lights and fittings CE marked to include the country of origin?


5. Is the CE a self-declaration or preferably from an independent 3rd party test house?


6. Review the warranty small print – are their limits on hours lit per day and on/off switching and do these have to be monitored for a valid claim and is there a minimum failure rate before the warranty kicks in?


7. Who is responsible for the design of the emergency lighting?


8. What test and certification is provided on completion of an installation?



APL offers funded solutions including lease, paid from savings and paid through utility bills with competitive rates over various terms.


These can be backed by third party insurance policies to include:


1. Material Cover - provide new to old equipment and material replacements in case of failure not covered by the manufacturer


2. Business Protection – covers loss of revenue and increased expenditure for energy saving and renewable energy generation contracts


3. Asset Protection – covers the shortfall in energy generation due to design issues or non-performance not related to damage.  This does require a project audit




The design life of LED is taken as the time to 70% of the original light output, not a total failure. Typically traditional lighting and lamps are around 15,000 hours, with our LED lighting and lamps typically 40,000 to 80,000 hours depending on the lamp and application!



The lights shone on our client Intu Properties plc when they won the prestigious Lux Award for Client of the Year 2013. Intu have invested millions of pounds in APL for LED lighting retrofits – the more they spend the more they save!




APL and its global manufacturers stand behind the products with a comprehensive warranty with a range of aftersales services available. Paid from savings funded solutions means the risk is with APL and our partner funder.


5 to 9 year funded schemes means that the customer saves from day one with no liability for the provision of lighting and its maintenance during the term and APL and the funder are simply paid from the energy and lamp replacement cash savings –
no risk is peace of mind.

Our Services

All design is undertaken in house and we provide a full installation service with our own teams of civil, mechanical and electrical operatives, technicians and engineers.

Innovation, investment in research and development, pioneering technologies and staff training are at the core of the business with several patents granted and pending. The company operates an integrated management system that combines accreditation to the following:

1.    ISO9001 - Quality Management

2.    ISO14001 - Environmental Management and

3.    OHSAS18001 - Health & Safety Management

Advanced Controls

Our iBright® control system intergrates daylight and motion sensors with LED drivers that have

0-10V, DALI, DSI and NXP for dimming and scene functionality.


LED Lighting – Switch on the Savings!

Numerous successful projects confirm that APL class leading LED lighting technology offers the
following benefits:

+  Energy saving – less power and typically 50% electricity and carbon reductions

+  Money saving ‐ £££ saving

+  Longevity of product – > 40,000 hours can mean > 7 years service life

+  Lower maintenance – long intervals between replacement = reduced labour and lamps costs

+  Dimming – superb dimming control over the full light range

+  Reliability – peace of mind that critical areas have the correct lamp, with a long life

+  Ambience – immediate start up, no flickering of tubes and scene control

+  Less waste over the lifecycle of the lamp unit = lower recycling costs and overall carbon footprint

+  Low heat output – no heat build‐up in display cabinets, public counters and reduced air conditioning

+  Legislation, future proof – European legislation is changing lighting systems towards LED

+  Low UV – less colour fading in materials, artwork and less insect attraction

+  Environmentally friendly ‐ saving in CO2, decreasing your carbon footprint

The APL Lighting Range

+  BrightTube® T8 Replacement – 600, 1200, 1500 and 1800mm singles through to quad

+  BrightSpot® downlights – angle spots to area lighting

+  BrightFlood® floodlights and bulkheads

+  BrightStreet® streetlight and roadside

+  BrightBay® highbay and lowbay

+  BrightPanel® flat panels for suspended and metal pan ceilings

+  BrightDeck® car park deck lights

+  GU10, MR16, PAR, 2D, PL, E14 / E27, B15 / B22 lamp replacement

+  Industry type lights, shop lighting, warehouse, office, amenity and production line

+  Most lamps and fittings have emergency battery pack functions

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